Six supporting institutions (intermediary organisations) and six educational institutions in the field of early childhood education offer an international education module for their students from 7 th to 20 th October 2018. The module will be run in English.

Ten students from each education body, who will be selected in the sending country, can be awarded a scholarship to attend a course (learning module) abroad in the one of the five hosting partners. For each learning module will be accepted two students per country, so that the group composed by ten students is multinational.

Europe is growing together. Children in the institutions of early childhood education are increasingly coming from different countries and different cultures. Therefore, it is important that the education of educators comprehends intercultural modules.

The two-week learning module should also be understood as an opportunity to work on a topic intensively e.g. “outdoor experiences” and also as an initial motivation and inspiration for future long term mobility experiences abroad.

During the current phase of the pilot project only students enrolled in one of the partner education bodies can participate.
The partners have each determined a study level / course from which students can apply for the two-week international module.

The selection is divided in two stages:
     Stage one:
     – Student must be 18+
     – Students apply for the project and want to participate in the project (the application form is already following)
     – Application to be made through Europass CV in English
     – Students will have a basic standard of English B1 (common European framework of reference for languages)
     – Possess a valid passport/ ID to travel
     – Students to rank countries they wish to go to 1-6 (for application purposes only the first 3 options are considered)

If the number of applications exceeds the places the following criteria to be followed.
     Stage two:
     – Successfully completed Europass CV and Motivation Letter in English (in application form)
     – English fluency/ grade (for fluency – interview with appropriate teacher x 2 – including motivation, reliability, attendance, grades and social aspects)
     – Random selection

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