your EYE

how was your experience?

Jaka Hliš, Slovenia

what are your expectations?

Diana Santos, Portugal

Sara Agostinho, Portugal

going to Germany

The main expectation that we have about the EYE Project is also the main cause that lead us to participate in it in the first place: the possibility to extend our knowledge about education to an international level, once we will learn about one of the best parts of German’s Education System.
Besides the professional and personal enrichment that we are seaking for, we also hope to learn a bit more about the German culture as well as the factors atached to it: gastronomy, tradictions, and so on. We also hope to learn a lot about Traunstein, the city where the EYE Project will take place in Germany.

Jaka Hliš, Slovenia

going to Portugal

To see what can abroad afford me for my education, ethics and values. My favourite thing is to think about my life, my future, about world, how the world works, what people think and how they gonna create their future to make a change in the world they want to see. I also want to see different culture, different religions to make opinion on my own and to bring this home and show this on appropriate way to our children.