programming with children


We take the following experience with this project: We have been doing the project “make it move” since two years. Students of the Specialized Educational Assistant / Education Assistant program focus on programming possibilities for children. Our students learn about it, do assignments, prepare lessons and do this in groups at a primary school.
The preparation takes place during the classes of the program. For this we have set up a special room, the “living lab”. Here students can work on the question of a school and at the same time they take over the direction of part of their study.
Last year, 80 students of our program participated in the project, more than 1100 childrens have been programming. All participating parties were very satisfied: students, teachers, schools and children were enthusiastic.
We have recently formed a formal collaboration with 40 primary schools in the framework of this project.
This mode of work should be applied internationally under the motto, education for education: cooperation of different types of education provides benefits to everyone, in this case certainly for students and children.

– Communicate actively with students of different nationalities
– Strengthen teamwork through doing activities together, such as paddling or canoeing
– Develop friendships
– Learn about the Dutch educational systems
– Experience coding in primary schools
– Gain some insight in the Dutch working mentality
– Experiencing the principle: Learning by doing
– Develop English language skills and even learn some Dutch

Methodology includes:
In the classroom: learning by doing. Working together with Dutch students that already know the program. Coding, presenting, discussing and group work on a primary school.
Outside the classroom: doing excursions related to the objectives and improving team spirit.

The program includes:
– accommodation in a big boat (two persons per room)
– pick up from the local station
– welcome meal and goodbye party
local transport + bicycle
– visit and trips as presented in the program
– organisational costs

total price is: €800

[The cost will be (party or completely) covered by Erasmus+ grant. Please check the amount of the grant in your country.]

Where are the classes?
All the classes will be held at Friesland College in Heerenveen. Transport to Heerenveen is arranged.

Where is the accommodation?
The accommodation is on a big boat in Leeuwarden. Students will sleep per two persons in a room. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. This is one of the most interesting ways of staying in Leeuwarden. It is close to the city center and we provide the students with bicycles to get around the city.
If you have other questions please visit the website

Other important notes
Check the weather forecast before coming to Leeuwarden and decide your clothes upon the weather. It might be a good idea to bring an umbrella as well. And also bring some sport/swimwear.

– Leeuwarden is a city with plenty of water around. Therefore, we have a lot of activities on the water, such as paddling, canoeing, sailing etc.
– Leeuwarden is the cultural capital of Europe 2018, so this year there are a lot of special events in Leeuwarden and much more tourists.
– We have our own tower of Pisa, the Oldehove, which also leans to one side. You can also climb this tower and have a view of the city center. In the history the place of the Oldehove was in the centre of the city.
– Friesland, the province where Leeuwarden is located, is the host of the famous 11-citytour on ice-skates. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened in a while and therefore we created other ways to do the 11-citytour, for instance, with a bicycle, motor, SUP or rowing.
– The students will be in Heerenveen and Leeuwarden, two places with a very big rivalry considering football clubs.
– There are 1100 different ways to write the name Leeuwarden throughout history.
– The province Friesland has its own acknowledged language in the Netherlands, Frisian.
– A typical alcoholic beverage in Friesland is Beerenburg.

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