Service-learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs.
Service-learning involves students in service projects to apply classroom learning for local agencies that exist to effect positive change in the community, in our project well focus on developing emotional learning and inclusion with kids from three to six.

In this module, students will have the chance to improve their professional skills, by designing an intervention project which will be implemented in an actual school, with real students and teachers. They will learn how to assess the needs in an educational institution, and how to use their professional tools to improve the situation.

Students will work with concepts related to emotional intelligence – how to read and express emotions, feelings and sensations. This is an important tool for developing their future jobs educating children.

Special educational needs will also be considered in this learning module, providing students the unique experience of meeting and improving their skills to face every situation they can find in their professional career.

To achieve the goals of our module, students will attend classes to set the main objectives of the project that they are going to develop. They will set the goals and the methods to achieve them, cooperating and providing their cultural tools and personal point of view.
On a second step, they will apply the project in a real school, giving them the chance to coordinate and lead a pre-primary school class, organizing different games and activities related to emotional intelligence.

accommodation in host family
– full board
– welcome meal
– pick up at arrival from Seville airport
– local transport
– visit and trips as presented in the program
– all needed workshop materials
– organisational costs

total price is: €850

[The cost will be (party or completely) covered by Erasmus+ grant. Please check the amount of the grant in your country.]

Students will attend classes at “Colegio Antonio Gala”, which is set Project Ergos. They will share lessons with vocational training students of early years education.
Students will stay with local families. It is a great chance to get a total immersion in the culture, gastronomy and society. They will share impressions and will be accompanied by students, so they will have the chance to get an unique experience, and a real-life impression of the way of living in Seville.

Seville is well-known worldwide because of its street life. There are plenty of things to do after classes, lots of places to visit and a wide offer of cultural experiences waiting for being discovered by the students.

Project Ergos is focused in vocational training of social studies, it is a school full of life, where there are lots of opportunities to do cultural activities, sports, and for sharing unforgettable moments with open minded and caring people.
Our vocational training is set in a school, where there are also pre-primary, primary and secondary classes. Students of EYE have the chance to practice their professional skills since the first day, with actual children, and monitorized by real professionals.

Within the two weeks module, there will be a cultural event which is once-a-year. It is a local tradition which involves music, dancing, coloured-paper-flowers, and spending time in the nature. It is an opportunity to experience something way too far from whatever you have ever seen!

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