outdoor experiences: learning opportunities


In the last decades, in Portugal, outdoor spaces are becoming less significant in children’s lives (Neto, 2005). However, we know that playing outdoors facilitates the development of motor, social, cognitive and emotional skills, which are fundamental for adult life (Bento, 2015). To ensure that children have the possibility of living adventures and challenges outdoor (without being led by adults), is an international concern. In this sense, it is urgent to develop intervention and training projects in real context that, based on the needs identified by the main actors, can serve as a means of sustaining and diffusing behavioral change.

Bento, G. (2015) . Infância e espaços exteriores – perspetivas sociais e educativas na atualidade. Investigar em Educação – Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências da Educação, nº4, 127- 140.
Neto, C. (2005). A mobilidade do corpo na infância e desenvolvimento urbano: um paradoxo da sociedade moderna. In D. Rodrigues & C. Neto, O corpo que (des)conhecemos (pp.15-30). Lisboa: Edições FMH.

– to experience innovative experiences in natural environments;
– to understand the educational potential of outdoor learning experiences;
– to design and to implement outdoor learning experiences;
– to know how the outdoor space is used pedagogically with children up to the age of 6;
– to reflect on the outdoor learning experiences.
Our methodology is based on a constructivist conception of learning.
You are going to learn in interaction with others and with the environment. You are going to feel, to question, to asses and to reflect on all your experiences – your experiences will be the starting point to build your own learning!​

The program includes:
– accommodation in twin rooms in a local hostel
– pick up upon arrival to Leiria (you should get from the Lisbon or Oporto airport to Leiria for your own)
– welcome meal, international party and goodbye party
– local transport
– visit and trips as presented in the program
– all needed workshop materials
– organisational costs

total price is: €790

[The cost will be (party or completely) covered by Erasmus+ grant. Please check the amount of the grant in your country.]

In this module you will know Leiria from an outdoor perspective. Through an multicultural discover you will explore your body, feel the nature, live adventures and overcome challenges.

You will:
– observe Leiria´s outdoors educational potential;
– know different kindergartens;
– plan outdoor practical activities;
– set up your own assessment;
– reflect on the different experiences;
– have cultural activities;
– participate in 4 workshops;
– have 6 excursions.

about the school
what makes you run?

about the city
– Did you know that Leiria is the city where the Street Play movement is starting (in Portugal)? The project is called “Brincar de Rua” and it’s main goal is to give children the opportunity to play freely on their neighborhood streets, safely
– in Leiria it was found a very peculiar skeleton of a child, around 24500 years old. Creepy, you may think! The skeleton is not there now, but the archaeological site represents a very important scientific step towards the understanding of human evolution, since this child showed characteristics both of  Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens.
– Leiria has one of the most beautiful castles in the country. It has been there since the XII century – with some style alterations throughout the years – and it’s known to have one of the highest wedding proposals rates in the whole country.
know a little more about our lovely city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=radWPj01rcg
inspire you to know more about the city in your free time: https://www.visiteleiria.pt/en/home/

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