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This section is for you! We wish that you feel well prepared before your departure and that you get rid of your anxieties when travelling abroad. We want that when you board in this adventure you have an open-mind for new cultures; new learning experiences and new friendships.
If you have any doubts other than the ones you find here do not hesitate to contact us! You can do it by writing an e-mail to or, if it is a very specific doubt about one of the modules, contact directly the partner of the country – the contact details can be found here.

You have to attend the whole programme as set by the partners. Small groups will be set and you shall document your experience during the two weeks. For example, you and your group can make a video or a scrapbook about the two weeks spent abroad. All creative ideas very welcome!! You and your group should present the work done at the end of the module in the hosting country.

Your teacher is a staff member from the educational bodies participating in this project. If you wish more specific information please contact your hosting school for further information. You find the contact data here.

Your classmates will be students of early year’s education of the hosting country plus the students from the other participating countries (two persons from each country).

No, you do not. This will be the topic of the module and the teachers will show you in Spain methods of working with these special students/ children.

You have to travel by yourself to the city of the hosting partner. At the train or bus station a representative of the intermediary organisations will pick you up.

Please find out more on the module description under the tab “specifications”.

The sending institution has to ensure that you are clearly informed about the insurance issues and has to collect copies of proof of insurance. You should have three insurances: health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance. Please contact your sending organisation for further details.

Usually the hosting partners have a big pool of hosts, so they can cater for most type of diets. In any case please check this with the hosting partner (intermediary organisation) of the country you are travelling to.

Yes, unless otherwise specified in the module agenda – e.g., please see here.

If you get ill you have to go to the doctor. Please provide a document stating that your illness will last longer and that you are not able to travel.

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