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If you reach this page, you’re probably one step away from an unforgettable training and life experience!
Please feel free to browse through the training module pages. If you need any further information on a specific module, you should contact the local partners responsible for that module. If you have a question about the project please visit the FAQ section.
If you decide to apply you should know that your process will be reviewed by your local school and by the school responsible for the training module you applied to.
If you can’t make it this time to any of these training course, don’t worry, there will be other opportunities in a near future.
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resilience - how to make children strong [germany]

programming with children [netherlands]

science and technology in early years [northern ireland]

outdoor experiences: learning opportunities [portugal]

emotional learning and puppet theatre [slovenia]

service-learning [spain]

who comes on board?

Essential criteria for student selection [stage one]:

Student must be 18+
Students apply for the project and want to participate in the project (the application form is already following)
Application to be made through Europass CV in English
Students will have a basic standard of English B1 (common european framework of reference for languages)
Possess a valid passport/ ID to travel
Students to rank countries they wish to go to 1-6 (for application purposes only the first 3 options are considered)

If the number of applications exceed the places the following criteria to be followed [stage two]:

Successfully completed Europass CV and Motivation Letter in English (in application form)
English fluency/ grade (for fluency – interview with appropriate teacher x 2 – including motivation, reliability, attendance, grades and social aspects)
Random selection

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