emotional learning and puppet theatre


The topic is integration of social sciences and art by teaching and learning of social-emotional skills with use of puppet theatre in early childhood education. Teaching and learning of social-emotional skills is essential for successful inclusion and socialization of the child to social environment. Social emotional skills, especially emotional competences are also very important for social inclusion and school achievements. Kindergarten teachers should promote learning and teaching of these skills through various methods. Drama play and creation of puppet performance are excellent methods for promoting students‘ abilities to perform, to understand and to learn about child’s perception and to express various themes through performances for children. Puppet theatre performances have a long tradition at Faculty of Education University of Maribor. Students really enjoy and have fun in creative process of preparing puppet performances. We’re sure this module is an excellent opportunity for early childhood education students to experience how to teach children about important topics with innovative and creative methods.

Students will:
– actively communicate in the team and learn how to participate in common goals
– connect to each other, develop friendships
– get to now and master the process of performance from different points of view (directing, dramaturgy, design, music, acting, animation)
– produce puppets for the performance with use of various materials
– prepare an art creation and collaborate in team
– discuss various definitions of emotions and definition of emotions for preschool children
– write short scenarios for the performance
– use various modalities and animation
– prepare drama play with puppets
– perform drama play with puppets for the public performance.

Methodology of learning experience will be based on practical work in workshops with different tools and materials, stage and scenery.
During the lectures teachers will use method of discussion, e-learning (in moodle), problem solving, demonstration and explanation.
During the rehearsal for performance students will be guided with method of animation and method of integration of various modalities e.g. singing, dancing, play.

The program includes:
– accommodation in twin rooms in student dormitory
– pick up upon arrival to Maribor
– welcome meal
– local transport
– visit and trips as presented in the program
– all needed workshop materials
– o
rganisational costs

total price is: €660

[The cost will be (party or completely) covered by Erasmus+ grant. Please check the amount of the grant in your country.]

Where are the classes?
All the classes will be at Faculty of Education University of Maribor.

Where is accommodation?
Accommodation of the students will be in the dormitory that is next to the Faculty in student campus.
Address: Gosposvetska cesta 89, 2000 Maribor (web page: http://www.d-ddm.mb.edus.si)
Twin rooms with shared bathrooms will be provided (wi-fi, laundry, bed linen, towels).

Other important notes:
Please bring with you: children books about emotions from your country (stories, legends, informative books, psychology books, etc…), sport shoes, 2 shirts for painting, black (tight) trousers, black t-shirt with long sleeves, black socks and black sport sleepers for puppet performance.
Check the weather and temperatures in Slovenia (Maribor) few days before departure and take appropriate upper clothes with you, umbrella might be useful too.

School and module
– the school is in the university campus of around 14.000 students
the University of Maribor is the second oldest and second largest university in Slovenia with 17 faculties [web: https://www.um.si/en/Pages/default.aspx | promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9-OdXYI084]
– faculty of Education has around 1300 students and is the centre of teacher education in the region [web: https://pef.um.si/145/home | promo video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/xqtxvSp20-Y]
– during the module we will experiment with emotions, creative thinking and how to invent fun and educative performances for preschool children
– mentor ass. prof. Sabina Šinko who is expert in puppetry, is developing performances for children age 3-8 and even for children age 0-3, which is currently European trend in puppet theatre. Together with mentor ass. prof. dr. Marta Licardo they plan to publish illustrated emotional dictionary for preschool children.
– during the module we plan one excursion to Pohorje and one cultural event in Puppet theatre with guided tour which reveals some of the secrets behind the curtain (after the performance).

Maribor is nowadays firmly positioned on the tourist map of the world as (https://maribor-pohorje.si/about-maribor-and-tourist-destination.aspx):
– the European Capital of Culture 2012;
– European Youth Capital Maribor 2013
– Festival Lent [http://www.festival-lent.si/en/]
– one of the TOP 10 tourist destinations in the world in the opinion of various media in the past few years;
– the centre of one of the fastest growing destinations in Slovenia;
– in Maribor is one of the best puppet theatre in Europe with more than four decades tradition of puppetry [https://www.lg-mb.si/en/about-the-theatre/]
– Maribor Art Gallery, Regional museum, Slovene National Theatre Maribor
– near the school is the Drava river with nice pathway for rolling, running, walking and water sports.
– Pohorje hills with ski centres and small lakes: Lovrenško jezero, Črno jezero, Ribniško jezero. Unspoilt waterfalls and lakes: waterfalls Veliki and Mali Šumik, Lobnica,
– b
eautiful city park and city hills Piramida and Kalvarija,
– botanical gardens: Maribor University Botanical Garden – Pivola, Botanical garden TAL 2000,
– wine growing hills with three tourist wine roads.

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